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This is your exclusive invitation to join this premiere, live-streaming event with Nutritionist Shan Stratton. Shan is a Nutritional Consultant to professional athletes from the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB who will share his passion for Kangen Water® and achieving true health through his alkaline living principles.


Join us for a special live event
Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern

(8pm Central • 7pm Mountain • 6pm Pacific)

You have questions, we have the answers!

Are you looking for a way to change your health? Maybe you’re an athlete who wants to increase performance? Have you read about alkalinity but want to learn more? All of these questions and more will be answered at this life-changing event. Tune in to discover how by simply taking one step, changing the water you drink, you can completely change every area of your life!

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Who is Shan Stratton?

Shan is a Nutritional Consultant and Motivational Speaker who has inspired thousands of people to take the next step towards health and well-being. Shan has been a Nutritional Consultant to numerous professional athletic organizations and hundreds of individual athletes in the MLB, the NBA and the NFL. Shan has a passion for Kangen Water® and wants to bring great health through alkaline living to everyone by teaching them about the principles of alkaline living through Live Demos!

"Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment."

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